White Rabbitで出ました大勝ち!【ライブカジノハウス】



White Rabbitで出ました大勝ち!【ライブカジノハウス】



White Rabbit BTG

During any spin the slot can decide to lock on to a particular symbol, and it may choose to roll you in a full line multiple ways for a big win. Although this can happen in the base game on White Rabbit you are more likely to see this during the free spins feature, and especially so if you have a large number of Megaways™.

Feature buy prices will remain how you leave them on each individual stake, so if for example you wanted to change stake or play White Rabbit on a different day, then you don't have to worry about the buy price re-setting, as it will have saved your current game status.

You have the choice to buy the feature on White Rabbit Megaways™, and the cost of this will be 100x the stake you are playing at. However, during your base game play you will see BTG coins land in random positions on the reels. These coins have different values depending upon their size, and each will lower the value it costs you to buy the feature.

It was of course Lewis Carroll who created and wrote Alice in Wonderland, and it is this world renowned title that White Rabbit Megaways™ is based upon. BTG as you would expect have added their unique twist of gameplay to this slot, and the graphics are well worked along with sound effects that really hone in on the theme of this game.

Triggering the feature on White Rabbit Megaways™ is achieved by 3 White Rabbits landing anywhere in view on reels 2, 3, & 4. These are the only reels that this symbol will appear on, and it can't be substituted for by the wild.

To re-trigger the feature on White Rabbit you need to get a reel to reach 12 positions. If you achieve this then the rabbit will appear with his watch and a random amount of spins between 1 & 12 will be added to your current amount.